Neutral Racing Service for the Rank and File

Leipheimer attacks, Guardsman Pass, Tour of Utah 2012

Game Change

It’s happened. What started as an effort to aid a race promoter in need has grown to one of the most respected service programs in North America. Road racing is changing at all levels. Promoters are looking at a shifting landscape of sponsorships and services in an effort to provide safe and exciting racing while balancing the books. It ain’t easy.

Neutral service is a must for any race of repute. Traditionally provided by companies as a promotion for their products, that scenario is quickly changing as the “privilege” of the big brand’s service is becoming un-tenable. Système-D offers professional service as “branded content.” Think of Intel Inside, not Apple. This allows promoters to sell the branding in the inventory and balance the books.

Meanwhile, Our Suppliers Win

We’re Neutral like Switzerland. We’re helpful like the Red Cross. We save the day like
Spiderman, all with your gear. Your brand is always in the best light 
and, since the cameras (and neutral service) are always where the action is, so are you.

But there are still races every weekend offering plenty of opportunities to show your wares and tell your story to hungry riders and fans. If you are a promoter, you know this. If you are a brand involved in road cycling, you want this.

That is where Système-D comes in. A neutral racing service for the rank and file. Stage races, grand fondos  and elite cause rides are the backdrop for the service we provide. The 2013 calendar is quickly filling in. Make this the season you improve the riders experience.

Système-D /’sistem/noun, French: shorthand term referencing the French word débrouillard and/ or démerder. From the verb se débrouiller, "to untangle" and se démerder  to literally to remove oneself from the shit; usage: Système-D is a manner of responding to challenges that requires one to have the ability to think fast, to adapt, and to improvise when getting the job done. That’s us; Système-D.

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